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The Design for Delight System


Jeff Zias @Intuit #build

After leading technology groups at Apple, Taligent IBM, and select Silicon Valley startups, Jeff has been instrumental in evolving Intuit into a grassroots-innovation-based growth machine (Intuit recently added over $150M in revenue derived from grassroots initiatives). More>>>

Innovate Email Blast Template_v2-11Connect with Jeff @innovate!socal as he tells us about Intuit’s innovation system and their unique brand of design thinking, “Design for Delight.” Interact with other innovate attendees to apply the design for delight process to your ideas.You don’t want to miss Jeff! Register Now >>>

Feel the Local Art Vibe @innovatesocal Meet:

April Kawaoka



Kawako visually references the urban landscape through imagery and material choice, such as plastic, metal, and concrete. more>


Barry Rothstein is dedicated to promoting the art of 3D photography, the production and display of 3D images, both online and in print. more>

III-D Design


III-D Design Walter (Tres) Focht III specializes in designing and creating unique functional sculpture, furniture and architecture, using found, recycled and re-purposed natural and man- made objects, hardware and materials, playfully exploring their properties while contrasting their differences, both physically and symbolically.

Innovate-Zias Full

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